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Post-COVID Virtual Training

| Dec. 30, 2021, 12:19 p.m.

A quick online search of the keywords "online martial arts training" sure nets more results than it once did. It was once often criticized by the martial arts world, but has now become common place in our current reality.  Regardless of one’s thoughts on much of the politics surrounding COVID, it is undeniable that gyms and martial arts school owners in particular have evolved the programs to create online opportunities for their students.  Now, as we enter into a time of easing restrictions, school owners may question whether they should continue to offer some form of online training.

change ahead

Is your school prepared?

What has changed?

First, there is a new market to be addressed.  There are some who will continue to pursue online training avenues due to the threat of COVID exposure and the still relatively unknown nature of what the its lasting effects will be.  This potential provides a demand that should not be ignored if as a school owner you would like to remain competitive in your market.  

Secondly, this new market can continue to support a revenue stream that was developed during the height of the pandemic.  Thus, an added benefit of keeping your virtual training on your schedule is the increased profit that it can generate as some may decide to remain in the virtual environment to continue their training.  True, over time, students may return to live training at your school, but that leads us to the third reason as to why this is important.  Ultimately, it will not be beneficial for you to drop something from your schedule when it is producing a viable revenue stream for your business.

Lastly, it still provides a means to augment the live training for your traditional students that have returned to the school.  Recording in-person live training or your virtual sessions and providing it for your students to access via an online platform will allow them the ability to refresh their memory of the lessons.  This is especially important if you offer a standardized and progressive curriculum that is required for their testing and movement upward in your ranking system.  “Miss a class? No problem, review what you missed online.  Miss a detail?  No problem, it is available for you to analyze online at our school’s portal.”. The positive potential for further growth in providing this for your students is endless.

How to capitalize?

School owners should consider a few things when addressing how to capitalize on the new virtual training market.  They should first ask what are their requirements.  Should they continue with live-virtual training, or should they also provide recorded lessons to document their curriculum requirements?  How about a combination?  What is the specific demand that is being generated within their school’s student-base.

You should also consider how you will provide this to their students.  Curriculum should be presented in a professional manner that is built upon a fast and reliable platform offering convenience and ease-of-use for both you as the school owner and for your students.  The alternative to this is using established social media or video platforms; however, the organization of those platforms can be distracting and offer uncontrolled or unfiltered content that is not tailored to your specific school or purpose.  There are more appropriate alternatives; and, you should as a school owner choose wisely.  Select a company and platform that is best suited to your needs and offers the best value, security, and service.

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